The Surrogacy process

As a Surrogacy Agency, our role is to get to know you on a personal level, understand what challenges you have faced and learn what specific requirements and expectations are important for your desired arrangement. This enables us to connect you with Surrogate Mothers based on overall compatibility which might include similar interests, personal and/or religious beliefs and shared goals between you and your surrogate verses a match based solely on availability or convenience.

Our comprehensive surrogacy program is not only based on matching you with an incredible, caring gestational surrogate, but also providing you support and guidance along the way. Without a doubt, we truly feel we have the best caliber of Surrogate Mothers in the industry and offer the most individualized attention and care. We welcome the opportunity to work with heterosexual and gay couples as well as single women and men. We treat each person with the respect, dignity and compassion they deserve, no one is ever just a number to us.

You are never on a waiting list to be matched. Because we strive to keep a consistent number of exceptional Surrogate Mothers accessible at all times there are always many available options to achieve your ideal match. On average, our clients are matched with a Surrogate Mother within a few short weeks once they are ready to proceed.

What makes us Different?

We carefully select and pre-screen every prospective surrogate applicant before making them available to our clients. All surrogate mothers are screened at no additional cost to our clients in the following capacities:
  • Four Point Background screening
  • In-home Interview with the Surrogate and her Spouse/Family
  • Psychological screening by a licensed mental health professional
  • Pregnancy history/ medical records reviewed by a medical professional
  • Uterine Evaluation performed by a Reproductive Fertility Specialist

Our Applicants Must Possess the Following:

  • Must Reside in California or Nevada
  • Overall Good Physical Health including Reproductive Health
  • Desired Age Range (22-40 years of age)
  • Non-Smoking/Non Drug Using
  • Must have had at least one child of her own
  • Healthy Pregnancy History and Enjoy Being Pregnant
  • Appropriate Weight Range (BMI not to exceed 30)
  • Financially Secure/Self Supporting (not receiving government assistance)
  • Safe Living Environment
  • Psychological Healthy and Emotionally Stable
  • Good Support System
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Altruistically motivated, but wishes to utilize her financial compensation to help meet any personal goals.
Different from many surrogate agencies, all of our Surrogate Mothers reside locally to our office. What does this mean for you? If you reside in Southern California or are working with a fertility clinic in the Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County or surrounding areas, our Surrogate Mothers are within an easy commute to those areas. For those who may not be from California and cannot actively participate in their surrogate mother's appointments, our Coastal Surrogacy team works with our Surrogates from the beginning of the IVF cycle until two-three months following the birth. Because our Surrogate Mothers reside near our company, it allows us be fully engaged in their care including before, during and after the birth including attending her medical appointments and providing her emotional support, encouragement and friendship.

As a Full Service Agency we provide on-going support to both the surrogate and the intended parents throughout this entire process through our caring and compassionate agency staff and our highly experienced professional associates in the psychological, medical, legal, nutritional and birth support industries. We maintain open communication with you, your surrogate, your fertility clinic, the Surrogate's obstetrician on a regular basis to ensure that the cycle coordination, pregnancy and the birth go smoothly and we are here to help if any issues or concerns arise along the way. With many years of experience in this industry behind us, our Coastal Surrogacy team is personally dedicated to help you achieve a successful, healthy and happy outcome.

Surrogacy Process Stages:

Step 1- Consultation
Interested Prospective Parents should start by scheduling a consultation with Coastal Surrogacy's Program Director. This can be coordinated by phone, in person or Skype. If you have not already established access to view the online Surrogate database, you may want to do so by clicking the link here this takes only a few minutes and you will immediately be able to begin viewing available surrogates. We work with people from around the world and are more than happy to accommodate your distance and time zone. After the initial consultation we will send you are full program information including the Intended Parent application, estimated fees and costs, Agency Agreement for Services, and any other information that will be necessary to create a parent profile. At this stage you are under no obligation to pay any moneys upfront.
Step 2- Assessment
Once we have been able to assess your criteria and complete your Parent Profile we will begin identifying and discussing possible candidates. We will also circulate your profile (no identifying information is released to the Surrogate), to any available Surrogate Mothers who possess the desired characteristics. We will send you all supporting documentation on the Surrogate including the summary from her psychological evaluation, her in-home interview/assessment, letters of support/reference provided by the surrogate etc. This may help you get to know more about the Surrogate candidates prior to making any decisions for the introductory meeting. Generally within a few days to a couple weeks we will be able to narrow the scope of your search to a few top candidates. Again, no payment will be due until you have elected to move forward with a match.
Step 3- Surrogate Introduction
When we believe a Surrogate candidate has been identified as being a good possible fit, and both the Surrogate and Prospective Parent(s) express a mutual interest in each other, we will make arrangements for an introductory meeting. If distance prevents an “In-Person” meeting from taking place initially, we will suggest we put everyone in touch by telephone or Skype so they can have the opportunity to ask questions and begin to get to know each other. Once everyone has determined they would like to continue with the matching process, then we will ask that you complete the Agency Agreement and send it the initial deposit to secure the selected Surrogate.
Step 4- Medical Evaluation
Once a match has been made, the next step is for the Surrogate to be seen by your Reproductive Endocrinologist. Although she may have already undergone preliminary screening with fertility specialist designated by our office, your doctor will determine which tests he or she will conduct during the medical evaluation. Additionally, routine labs for infectious diseases, drug testing, or any other tests as ordered by your physician may also be part of the evaluation. Your doctor will make all final decisions regarding your Surrogate's final medical eligibility. During this time one or both Intended Parents may also be required to undergone specific medical testing as well as the egg donor if applicable.
Step 5- Psychological Evaluation
As part of our application and screening process our Surrogate applicants are required to undergo a psychological evaluation with a mental health professional designated by our office. Any further screening or testing of the Surrogate or her spouse to be performed would be at your own discretion. We will also have you meet our therapist for a consultation in person or by phone/Skype if you are not available locally. The therapist will schedule a joint session between you and your surrogate prior to the start of the cycle or embryo transfer.
Step 6- Contracts and Other Necessary Items
Prior to the commencement of the IVF cycle the contract finalization process will begin. There will be an agency match agreement prepared by Coastal Surrogacy which will outline the financial contribution and estimated expenses and any other important items relevant to your case will be provided to your attorney. The legal contract will be drafted based on this information along with anything further discussed with your attorney. The Surrogate will have the opportunity to review the legal contract with her own attorney as well. The legal contract ... Read more
Step 7- IVF Process
Once your surrogate is in cycle we will maintain direct communication with your fertility office, your surrogate and you throughout the cycle phase to help ensure that everyone has a full understanding of the IVF process and medication protocol. Because this process is not an exact science, just as in naturally occurring pregnancies, it can take a few tries before a pregnancy occurs; we recommend that everyone commit to working with each other for three IVF cycle attempts to give you the best chance for success. Your fertility specialist will be able to better provide you with his/her own fertility clinic pregnancy statistics and help guide you in the decisions that will result in the best outcome.
Step 8- Pregnancy
When you are expecting a child with the help of your Surrogate, this can be both a very exciting and stressful time. We will continue to provide everyone on-going support throughout the pregnancy. Our clients and surrogates have a dedicated support person from our company who is available to them at any time, day or night. The case manager will attend several appointments with the surrogate during each stage of the pregnancy. Our therapist, who will also see the surrogate regularly for support group meetings and remain in communication with all parties on a monthly basis, a vital member of the team established to help address any emotional concerns.
Step 9- Final Legal Process
When your surrogate reaches approximately 12-14 weeks gestation (of the pregnancy) we will assist you with facilitating the necessary steps with your attorney to complete the pre-birth order. This court order declares you the legal parent(s) and will be necessary to provide the hospital with the relevant information to prepare the birth certificate properly reflecting you as the child(ren)'s parent(s).
Step 10- Birth
Preparation for the birth of your child(ren) is always a busy time. For those who live locally we try to ensure a meeting takes place between the hospital staff and the parents prior to the birth so that any questions with regard to your surrogacy arrangement and their hospital policy can be addressed. For our clients residing out of state or abroad, we will help you to get everything in order that will be ... Read more