We invite you to read the following testimonials from our clients and friends:
Our journey with surrogacy started like most peoples, with lots and lots of internet searches, research and emails. I wrote to many agencies during this time to gather information and to discuss my medical and geographical limitations. I received many responses mostly automated generic material that did not address any of my concerns, or treat me as an individual, some instantly asking me to sign a retainer and commit to an agency without ever speaking to a real person.

Only one agency wrote me back a non automated non generic letter actually addressing my concerns and questions from an actual human being. This agency was Coastal Surrogacy. The person was Julia Dean. In fact I continued to be in touch with the agency and with Juli for 3 years before I was ready to commence our surrogacy journey and never once during this 3 years was I asked for money or put under any pressure to move forward before I was ready.

My husband and I live in Melbourne Australia and everything about the surrogacy process was daunting when we began, being that we live so far away. For a start we live 16 hours away by plane so when other agencies would tell us we had to commit to 4 - 6 trips during the process, this was simply not practical for us financially or time wise. We had never been to America, we had no idea where to stay, how to get around or where to start with the whole process - everything seemed difficult, foreign and overwhelming.

We decided to move forward with Coastal Surrogacy in 2008. I have to say this was the single best decision we made during this process. We flew to the US and from the moment we met with the agency we knew we had made a sound and wise decision. It was clear when we met with Juli that this was going to be more than a business relationship - this was a human relationship. We had so much on the line financially and emotionally it terrified us. We needed to know that the agency we were working with was going to be as invested in the process as we were. The surrogacy journey is challenging, there is no template or set format telling you how it will play out. It is different for every couple and our experience was not straightforward or easy. In fact looking back most of it was difficult. Agencies don't often tell you this. Why would they?

For us it didn't' work the first time, or the second time or the third time. Each time it didn't work it was devastating and a huge blow financially and emotionally. There were times we considered throwing in the towel and it all seemed so incredibly upsetting and painful - we couldn't see how we could continue. But despite all the disappointment one thing we never doubted was the agency. Our disappointment was the agencies disappointment. They didn't just ride with us when things were going well - they showed unwavering commitment to us when the chips were down and we didn't think we had the strength or the money for one more try. Juli worked with us through it all, spent hours with me on the phone discussing our options, talking with me, sometimes us just having a bit of a cry together. She was our rock during this time helped us along with gentle wisdom, advice, suggestions and gave us possibilities for the future and always giving us the time we needed to process and make our own decisions.

With Juli's guidance and advice we decided to try one final time with a new surrogate. We gathered every last cent we had and flew to the US again to have another try. We were matched with the most wonderful women and we knew instantly whatever happened on this final attempt we had the best team we could have had. If I could have handpicked the qualities for the women to carry our baby - they already existed in the form of our incredible surrogate. She was extraordinary. So full of positivity and confidence that this would be our time - she swept us up bundled in her enthusiasm and carried us right to the day of our transfer. She packed our fears and doubts neatly away telling us they were no longer required now she was on the job. She was right. It was our time and our forth try was successful - and we are expecting our twins to enter the world in June 2010.

Our relationship with our surrogate mother and with the agency is more than we could have hoped for. Our lives have been enriched beyond measure. I simply don't know how anyone could settle for a relationship with an agency that was less than a deep personal connection where there is not an equal investment in an outcome. This is our lives, our children's lives - it is a personal and precious relationship from people from opposite sides of the world forged on the common goal to bring two healthy babies into the world.

One thing I know for sure is that long after the business side of things has come and gone - we will be left with a deep and lasting friendship with both our surrogate and the agency who helped and guided us through a process that for so many years seemed beyond reach for us. This process is so much more than a business relationship and we will be forever grateful to Juli and her team who guided us through it all with an abundance of kindness, compassion and a deep personal investment in our success. Would I recommend Coastal Surrogacy? Yes very highly.
Alisa & Alastair Moody - Melbourne Australia twins due 2010
We are a couple from England who were unable to have a baby and we had been trying to conceive through a surrogacy charity in England for a couple of years with no success. We gave up on the idea as it was causing us so much emotional stress but after six months of consideration we decided to give it one final try. We heard that in America, surrogacy is quite common place so we started emailing about 20 companies that dealt with surrogacy we waited for their responses about 4 didn't respond at all, 10 of them responded but their procedures were very complex this left 6 and after several weeks of speaking to all of them we decided to go with Juli of Center for Coastal Conception (now Coastal Surrogacy). She was very helpful, always responded and listened to our needs and reassured us.

We selected an egg donor and surrogate and flew out to America in January 2008 to meet our surrogate and start the procedure. We were made to feel very welcome and very comfortable. Juli was with us every step of the way. After 10 days we flew back to England. Juli kept us informed of everything that was going on, she kept us up to date with clinic visit times, dates and outcomes. In early April 2008 we received the news we had been waiting for, our surrogate was pregnant! Once again Juli was with us every step of the way, she made us feel that we were her only couple. We had 1 or 2 scares along the way but we always felt that we were not alone even though we were 5,000 miles away.

We flew back out to America in early December 2008 to await the birth of our baby boy. Aimee, our wonderful surrogate, was there to meet us and we spent time with her and her lovely family. They made us feel totally at home and part of their family unit.

On the 21st December, 2008 we got that all important call to say that Aimee had gone into labor, Antonio Roberto Rocco was born at 4pm, 9lb 2oz.

Our only regret is that we did not get to hear about Coastal Surrogacy earlier as we feel if we had, we would not have wasted 3 years of trying in England.
Joe and Kim, Parents of Rocco from England
As a previous gestational surrogate in 2008, I wanted to share a little bit about my wonderful experience with Juli Dean and Coastal Surrogacy. I cannot say enough about what an amazing experience it was, but I will try to “briefly” do it justice.

I had considered being a surrogate for several years, but always put the subject off because it was not yet the right time in my life (finishing college, having my own children, etc…). I have always felt so much empathy for people who struggled with infertility, since my own children are my greatest joy and purpose in life. So, I would research here and there on the internet and look into it every once in a while, because I felt this strong pull to help someone achieve the kind of happiness and love that I have been blessed with. After finishing my bachelor's degree and having my third son, I began to look into surrogacy more intently and began finding agencies in my area of Southern California. I visited and spoke with several agencies and was disappointed to discover that all of the agencies that I encountered were very clinical and did not seem to care very much for the desires and hopes of the surrogate. It was very clear that the main emphasis of these other agencies was on the intended parents, and that the surrogate was just a paid employee whose wishes or desires for the process did not matter. In all honesty, I was about to give up and say that surrogacy was not for me. I called one last agency whose website I was intrigued by because of the emphasis it seemed to place on the happiness and well being of the surrogate. The first time I talked to Juli (the director of Coastal Surrogacy) I felt so much hope that maybe I was on the right path after all. She was very confident that she could match me with the perfect couple. I could sense instantly that she meant what she said and had a heart that wanted to love and help people.

Imagine my surprise when just a few months later she had me matched with the perfect couple that met every one of my wants and strict qualifications (I had a long list of what I did and did not want). Not only had she matched me with the perfect couple that all of the other agencies said that I would never find, it all happened so quickly! On my first embryo transfer, we were pregnant with twins. My relationship with my intended couple and Juli continued to grow through the miraculous journey of that pregnancy. The parents were there for every doctor appointment and ultrasound and even visited me daily in the hospital after the birth when they came to see their babies. Even through the difficult parts, like injections, a few weeks of bed rest, and having my first C-Section, I felt cared for and completely supported.

Through this journey, I lost nothing (so what…I have a little C-Section scar) and gained so much more. I have a lifetime friendship with the parents that I treasure, and two more babies to love (even though it's often by email and a few get-together's a year). I also learned so much about myself through the process and gained extra patience, love, and empathy. One of the most important things to me is the pride that I feel every time that I see smiling pictures of the beautiful babies and their family. I think to myself “I did that!” I know that I did an amazing thing and changed their lives forever. I am so grateful that I did not give up or settle for one of the other agencies, and that I made the phone call that day to Coastal Surrogacy. I will forever be grateful to Juli and everyone in the agency for changing my life in such an incredible way.
CS Surrogate
My name is Griselda and I would like to share with you my wonderful experience as a surrogate. My story begins about 4 1/2 years ago when conversing with my sisters the subject of Surrogacy came up. It sparked such an interest within me that immediately I was surfing the internet for any and all information I could find on Surrogacy. There were so many websites and agencies but was drawn to none of them, until.....I came across Coastal Surrogacy. I instantly knew and felt this is where I needed to be.

Starting the screening process for me was not the hard part of all this, the hardest part for me was telling my husband of my future plans to become a surrogate. After I had all the information I needed, it was time to tell my husband of my plans. I basically talked about it almost every day for about 6 months until he understood what exactly it was I wanted to do. He was not opposed to something so beautiful he was just scared of the unknown, that's why it took so long for him to agree and jump on board.

Now, it is just the funniest thing ever that he is just so involved being a surrogate dad, he tells everybody and anybody who will listen what I do. He comes to all my appointments, he gives me my hormone injections, he picks up the slack big time when in the last few months of pregnancy I can barely walk let alone bend down to pick something up. We have two children together 5 and 6. We both also have children from previous marriages ranging in ages from 21 to 17, 16, and 10. So I guess you could say that we were both blessed by the Lord to have this many children and now it was time to help others experience the absolute joy of having a family.

I'm honored to be able to say that I have helped two wonderful deserving women become mothers and that I have already started my third surrogate journey in hopes of helping someone else start a family.

Both of my pregnancies were everything I hoped they would be and so much more. Nothing compares to the look on the expectant parents faces as the child they have always longed for is born into this world.

I delivered a beautiful, very healthy 10.2 oz boy in January of 2008 to a sweet woman from Taiwan who now is planning to have her third child through Coastal Surrogacy. May of 2009 came my second delivery of a real cutie pie, he was 8.4 oz born to a loving couple from Los Angeles. From the very beginning to after birth, my relationship with each of these parents was awesome. With my last couple I also pumped breast milk for their son for five months.

None of these experiences would have been possible or have been as special as they were without Julia Dean (Director of Coastal Surrogacy). I knew since the first day I met her that she was a very unique and dedicated individual. I consider myself blessed to have found her through her website and lucky to work with her on each of my pregnancies through her agency.

I love what I do so much; I will continue to help others become parents as long as God and my body will allow me to do so.

If you are thinking of becoming a surrogate you have come to the right place, if you are looking to start a family, your dream is closer than you realize.

Griselda- CS Surrogate who delivered in 2008, 2009 and now on her 3rd Surrogacy adventure
My name is Nicole and I am currently a second time surrogate. I am the mother of 3 beautiful little girls and the wife of an amazing husband. I had the pleasure of meeting Juli Dean 2 years ago. I spent 6 months researching Surrogate Agencies. I researched everything from their background, policies, business ethics, and approval ratings. I finally came across Juli's agency in early 2008. She answered every question I threw at her and was very patient with me.

I already had my mind set on what it was I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I was very upfront with what my limits, beliefs, and expectations were with Juli. To say the least, I was matched with the perfect couple. Juli always made sure I understood that I had the right to refuse any couple I did not feel comfortable and they had the same rights. This was very different from the other agencies; you got what you got with them.

I gave birth to my first surrogate baby on March 18, 2009. Juli was by my side the entire journey, from phone calls, emails, the transfer procedure, ultra sounds, and finally to visiting me in the hospital after the delivery. She made sure the hospital knew exactly how the parents and I wanted the birth to be handled. The entire process was so amazing that I decided to do it again, and that was never the initial plan.

I am currently 5 months pregnant with my second surrogate baby. I could not be happier! I was again matched with an amazing couple! Somehow Juli was truly given a gift in life and has ran with it. She is now a dear friend of mine and always will be!

Surrogacy can be exciting and scary at the same time. When you have the support and the resources available with Coastal Surrogacy, it's just an amazing journey. Whenever I tell my testimony to a friend, they are always amazed by it. I have even referred 2 friends to Coastal Surrogacy with complete confidence.

Surrogacy is an amazing gift to give to a couple. Being apart of it is a great feeling that you will treasure for the rest of your life.
Nicole- CS Surrogate who delivered in 2009 and expecting in 2010

Cards and Notes

Dear Juli,

God Bless you and thank you for your support and friendship. I am very thankful for all that you have done for me and my family. There will never be another person like you. With all my love and gratitude,
From a CS Surrogate

We wanted to thank you for being the sweet person that you are and were all through this last surrogacy and with the first one too. I'm so proud and thankful to be a surrogate with your company, it is a real blessing to have you in our lives. You do so much for me and my family there's no way to repay you for all the blessings you have given us. We can't wait to start our next adventure with you, giving the gift of parenthood to someone who so much deserves it.
God Bless you and your family!
CS Surrogate and her husband

Thank you for all your help in achieving such a miracle!
Recipient Parents of a baby girl, California
Juli, without beautiful, kind people like you in the world, it would be a very sad place, thank you!!
Recipient Couple from Australia
Wow, what an amazing adventure we have been on! I can't say enough about everything you have done for us. Your compassion and patience is endless and after several years of trying to have a baby on our own, our dreams have come true with our little ones. Our life is completely surreal! Thank you again for everything!!
Parents of Twins, US
We can't thank you enough for everything!!! You have helped make our baby dreams come true!!
Parents of Twins, California
Thank you for everything you have done. You have been extraordinary and we couldn't have done this without you. You by far have given us the best gift anyone could ask for!
Thank you again!

Parents of a baby girl, US
Dear Julia,

Thank you very much for all your hard work and kindness. We love you and you will be in our hearts forever.
Parents of a baby girl from California
Dear Juli,

Thank you for all that you have done to bring our beautiful boy into the world. We are so grateful for the care and love you have given us.
Parents of baby boy from California
Hi Juli,

Cannot believe its been a year, hope you are doing well! Thank you so much for helping our dream come true!
Parents of a baby boy from the UK

Thank you so much for all the support, kindness and care you put into your job. I sincerely appreciate all you have done for us.
Parents of a baby boy, California
Thank you so much for everything you do! You have made this whole experience a great one, not to mention what a good friend you have become to me. I care about you a lot and I am so excited to be working together again!
From a CS Surrogate