The Surrogacy process

Determining the cost of your surrogacy arrangement can be challenging. We estimated that Coastal Surrogacy’s typical surrogate birth will cost between $96,000-$150,000 USD depending on their specific arrangement. This includes our agency fees, the Surrogate’s compensation and expenses, fertility clinic and legal fees. However, there are factors to consider which can increase the overall costs substantially; these might be costs for health insurance for the Surrogate or Child (International Parents), multiple pregnancy (twins or triplets), complications and/or unforeseen circumstances, the need for an egg donor or multiple IVF cycles etc. It’s important to be prepared for both the best and worst case scenarios.
(All Fees quoted are in US Dollars)
General Surrogacy Consultation (by phone,
Skype or In-Person)
We will conduct an in-depth interview/ consultation with you to discuss your options, answer your questions and walk you through the general process of surrogacy. We will discuss various options, explore and review available surrogate candidates, complete a parent intake sheet, discuss specific goals for your arrangement and go over parent profile information.
No Charge
Agency Fee
Our full service program provides for "full support" of everyone involved and includes both
matching with a gestational carrier as well as our management for all aspects of the surrogacy process, the
IVF cycle (or cycles), through the entire term of the pregnancy and birth.
International Clients
A surcharge will be applied for Prospective Parents residing outside the US. Covers the added costs related to facilitating a distance arrangement and additional services specific to the needs of our clients who do not reside in the US.
Surrogate Pre- Screening
All Coastal Surrogacy Surrogate Mother’s undergo in-depth in home interview, back ground investigation (both surrogate and spouse), psychological screening through a licensed mental health professional experienced in surrogacy and infertility matters (both surrogate and spouse) and a comprehensive medical exam including a uterine evaluation (sonohystogram, hysteroscopy and mock transfer) all which is completed at our expense to ensure our surrogate candidates are eligible for Coastal Surrogacy’s program
Included in Agency Fee
Psychological Support Program
Mandatory program which includes support to both the Intended Parents and the Surrogate. Covers the parent and psychologist initial consultation, joint sessions (surrogate and Intended Parents), monthly surrogate support group meetings and individualized support (parent and surrogate) by phone, in person over the course of the surrogacy arrangement through post partum.
Depending on experienced or first time surrogates
Nutritional Support
Dietary Support/Nutritional Counseling through a Registered Dietician. Nutritional counseling includes services commencing prior to the embryo transfer and continuing through to the birth.
Gestational Surrogate Compensation Package and Estimated Expenses
Compensation and Expenses may vary by individual. Compensation package is set based on prior surrogacy experience (1st time surrogates verses experienced surrogates). Expenses are based on actual related costs such as health insurance, lost wages, travel etc. An itemized breakdown will be provided for each individual candidate.
Example Escrow Deposit
1st time Surrogates: $65,000-$70,000

Example Escrow Deposit
Experienced Surrogates: $70,000 - $80,000
US Parents: Newborn Medical
Intended Parents residing in the US and who have US based health insurance will be able to add their child(ren) to their own health plan upon birth.
Cost would be based on Intended Parents’ own insurance plan.
International Parents: Newborn Medical
Intended Parents residing outside the United States must either purchase an International Newborn Health Insurance policy, or apply for US based health insurance (when applicable) or deposit estimated funds into their escrow account for the direct payment of any medical bills incurred on behalf of their child(ren).
Estimated from $6,500-$50,000
Intended Parents Legal Representation
Draft of Legal Contract, advisement of their legal rights and
obligations to the Surrogate. Preparation of Judgment of
Parentage (Establishment of Parental Rights) and Court
appearance when applicable
Estimated from $4,500-$7,500
Surrogate Legal Representation
Review contract and Judgment of Parentage documents,
advisement of her legal rights and obligations to the Intended
Court Filing Fees
Fees varies by court and County of filing
Escrow/Trust Account Fees
Establishment of the Escrow/Trust account and disbursement of
fund to the Surrogate. The Escrow or Trust account will be
opened with a minimum deposit of $50,000 and/or based upon
the estimation provided in the match agreement
Surrogate and Spouse Medical Evaluation/FDA Screening
Physical exam, blood work of Surrogate and Spouse, and consultation with Intended Parents Reproductive Endocrinologist (fees may vary by clinic)
Intended Parent(s) Medical Evaluation/FDA Screening
FDA required blood work/infectious disease testing (fees may vary by clinic)
Estimated Costs to Create Embryos (fresh IVF cycle)
Fees based off of an average estimated Fresh IVF Cycle (fees may vary by clinic)
Estimated Costs for a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET cycle)
Fees based off of an average estimated Frozen IVF Cycle (fees may vary by clinic)
$8,500 -12,500
Egg Donor Associated Fees & Costs (If applicable)
Agency Fee, Donor Fees and expenses, screening costs, legal fees etc.
$15,000 and Up
Medication Expense
Costs may vary by circumstance
$3,000 and Up
Genetic Testing (PGS, Microsort, gender)
Cost may vary by clinic or lab
$5,000 and Up
Translation/Interpreter Services
Cost may vary by individual interpreter and/or translation services needed
Concierge Services:
Nurse or Nurse-Aid, In-home or hotel care, Personal Assistant, Travel Services,
Nanny services etc.
Coastal Surrogacy can provide a detailed list of services available. Costs will vary by services needed and/or requested.