Congratulations! If you have made the decision to become a Surrogate or are thinking about becoming a Surrogate, you have the opportunity to help in a way that only few women can! Infertility affects many people, not just the woman who can't conceive a child. Her spouse, family and friends, although supportive of her, sometimes feel completely helpless to her struggles. Many of these women have spent years trying to conceive and have undergone many expensive infertility treatments before making the sometimes painful decision to choose surrogacy. The decision does not come easy, mostly because they feel completely responsible or inadequate for the fact they cannot become pregnant. We know this is not their fault and they are definitely not alone. Statistics show the numbers of women affected by and/or undergoing infertility treatment rise every year. Yet, the choice of surrogacy is still difficult and in many cases this is a couple's last resort. Maybe you even know someone who has had the same difficulties with becoming pregnant. The choice to help someone who has struggled with infertility realize their dream of having a child can be the most rewarding experience of your life. Being a surrogate not only allows you to have a chance to give such a precious gift but also gives you the opportunity to contribute financially to your own family, maybe fulfill your dreams for starting a new business or completing or starting your education or buying a home.
Pregnant Woman in Newport Beach, CA

About Coastal Surrogacy:

We are an Orange County based company, originally started in 2005 as A Center for Coastal Conceptions, an agency providing both Egg Donor and Surrogacy Services. In January of 2010, our company transitioned to Coastal Surrogacy now dedicated exclusively to surrogate parenting. We absolutely love what we do! And, because we only provide surrogacy services, all our time, energy and commitment is devoted to our Surrogate Mothers and Intended Parents.

Our Director and Consultant, Juli Dean, began her career in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in 1996 while a Business Operations Manager and ART Coordinator for a law firm which practices in adoption and infertility law. During that time, she managed the legal and financial aspects of hundreds of egg donation and surrogacy related cases working closely with both couples and surrogate mothers. Having experience based on over fifteen years in the fertility industry provides both our surrogates and clients assurance that we know and understand the complexities involved in this process.

We uphold the philosophy of quality over quantity so that we may continue to preserve our reputation for having the highest level of integrity, professionalism and ethical standards. It is not our desire to become the largest agency in Southern California. Our priority is maintaining the ability to build a relationship with every Surrogate Mother and Intended Parent we work with.

Without a doubt, we truly feel we have the best quality Surrogate Mothers in the industry. The reason we do is simple: we are driven to provide our Surrogate Mothers with most personalized attention and care through our dedicated and experienced team of staff. Although our company has seen tremendous growth each year, we believe in treating each person with the individual respect, dignity and care they deserve, no one is ever just a number to us. We provide a supportive, nurturing environment to our Surrogate Mothers which in turn, many of our surrogate mothers come back to us to be surrogates again and a great number of our surrogate applicants are referred to us through our prior Surrogate Mothers which for us is the ultimate compliment.
Because we only work with Surrogate Mothers who reside in Southern California, we can provide more "hands on" support through our amazing Case Managers who work with our Surrogate Mothers from the beginning of the IVF cycle until two months postpartum. You are never alone or left to manage this process on your own. Did you know that many surrogate agencies never meet the surrogate in person and often have very little communication with their surrogates during the IVF cycle and pregnancy? This leaves them in a very vulnerable position and feeling uneasy about the care they are receiving and who will be there to offer guidance and support if problems arise. At Coastal Surrogacy, our goal is to help everyone achieve a successful, healthy and happy outcome.