About Coastal Surrogacy

We are a Southern California based company, originally started in 2005 as A Center for Coastal Conceptions, an agency providing both Egg Donor and Surrogacy Services. In 2010, we transitioned to Coastal Surrogacy an agency dedicated exclusively to surrogate parenting. We absolutely love what we do! And, because we only provide surrogacy services, our focus and commitment is devoted to our Surrogate Mothers and Intended Parents.

We uphold the philosophy of quality over quantity so that we may continue to preserve our reputation for having the highest level of integrity, professionalism and ethical standards. It is not our desire to become the largest surrogacy agency in California. We believe in treating each person with the individual respect, dignity and care they deserve, no one is ever just a number to us. Our priority is maintaining the ability to build a relationship with every Surrogate Mother and Intended Parent we work with.

Our staff has over fifty years of experience in alternative family building (surrogacy, assisted reproduction and adoption). We understand the complexities and concerns that may arise with surrogacy and can carefully guide everyone through the process. Our entire team is involved through every step of the way.

Without a doubt, we truly feel we have the best quality Surrogate Mothers in the industry. The reason we do is simple: we are driven to provide a supportive, nurturing environment to all our Surrogate Mothers. Our Case Managers take a “hands on approach” working closely with our Surrogate Mothers, supporting them from the time of the match through postpartum.

Regardless of race, religious background, sexual orientation or financial situation; we are here to help with your surrogate parenting needs. We strive to make your experience with us exceptional. Your desire for a family is our desire and goal too. Being committed to helping you create your family, we will continue to work with you until you have achieved success.

Admin Team

Juli Dean
Juli's foundation in the surrogacy industry and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) began in 1996 while a Business Operations Manager and ART Coordinator for a law firm whose specialty practices in adoption and infertility law. During that time, she managed the legal and financial aspects of hundreds of egg donation and surrogacy related cases working with couples and individuals from all over the world. In 2005, Juli started A Center for Coastal Conceptions, a full service egg donor and surrogacy agency. In 2010, Juli transitioned the company to reflect an important decision to exclusively provide Surrogate Parenting services, as Coastal Surrogacy. With this change we are able to focus solely on creating the ideal match and experience for our clients and Surrogate Mothers. Working together as a cohesive team that feels more like a family and less like a business transaction is our company shared goal.
I am always excited the first time I meet with prospective parents. I enjoy having the opportunity to work with so many people from such diverse backgrounds and places. Still no matter where our clients come from, the goal is the same. I understand that no one chooses this path unless absolutely necessary and for many, surrogacy is their last hope. My role is to educate Intended Parents who are just starting off in the surrogacy process and get them through many of the initial challenging stages that come along with choosing surrogate parenting. I continue to provide guidance and support throughout our clients' journey along with our incredible Coastal Surrogacy team. Surrogate Parenting has been my passion for nearly twenty years. I feel incredibly blessed every day to have a career where I can play a small role in helping create new families.”
Juli Dean — Coastal Surrogacy in Newport Beach
Juli enjoys spending time with her family which includes husband, John and two daughters, Jordan and Sydney. They love the beach or the lake. In Juli's off time she is a busy “dance mom” and helps out with the dancers on the competition team with everything from driving, to making costumes to organizing fund raising events.
Juli Dean is a member of the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine), Resolve, P2P (Path2Parenthood).
John Dean
Co-Founder/Chief Operating Officer
John's professional experience includes thirty years in finance and ten years in the infertility field. John is dedicated to developing Coastal Surrogacy into a leading surrogacy agency devoted to bringing assistance to couples seeking to become parents. John manages the day to day financial operations as well as overseeing our client's escrow and trust accounts.
When I stared in this profession I had no idea what I was becoming involved with and will admit to being a little hesitant. All of that disappeared with the first birth. Seeing the parents stare down upon their child with such love, happiness and gratitude is an indescribable experience. Working with the surrogates and parents from start to finish you really form a bond with everyone. Having the opportunity to share the birth as a team is very rewarding. After many years in the industry I still feel every successful transfer and birth is the most magical thing one can experience.”
John and Juli live in Orange County, California with daughters, Jordan and Sydney. In their free time they enjoy family outings at the beach or at the lake jet-skiing as well as supporting their daughters' interest in dance.
John Dean — Coastal Surrogacy in Newport Beach
Diane Lorona, M.A.
Assistant Director
Diane is an amazing asset to our Coastal Surrogacy Family. Newer to surrogacy but not new to family building, Diane's vast professional experience expands over thirty years in “children and family focused services”. Diane graduated from Colorado Women's College and has a Master's degree in family counseling and also a degree in paralegal studies. She received specialized training in mediation, problem solving, family group decision making, and "Family Centered Practice". Diane has more than seventeen years in the field of Children and Family Services where she supervised Child Welfare investigations, dependency, foster care and adoption cases and another eleven years as a paralegal with family law practice where Diane specialized in independent, stepparent and adult adoption, guardianship, ICPC, International re-adoption, contested adoption and guardianship cases.
As the Assistant Director at Coastal Surrogacy, Diane recognizes the arduous journey experienced by Intended Parents as related to unsuccessful attempts at family building and takes a compassionate and supportive approach in working closely with our Intended Parents and Surrogate Mothers. She guides Intended Parents through the process and works side by side with Juli. Diane also oversees all new surrogate applications that come into Coastal Surrogacy and conducts many of the interviews. Diane is pleased to be part of the Coastal Surrogacy team helping Intended Parents fulfill their dream of becoming parents and building their family.
Diane Lorona — Coastal Surrogacy in Newport Beach
I enjoy the opportunity to speak with the prospective parents and to validate that surrogacy is a safe viable option that can help them realize their hope and dream of becoming a parent. I provide an initial overview, our agency guidelines for selection and screening of the surrogate mother and summary of what is involved in the process including the role of adjunct providers such as the Attorneys, Reproductive Endocrinologists/Clinics, and Donor Agencies so they are aware of what to expect when they are ready to get started. I understand this complex process can be very overwhelming and I help reassure them as well as answer questions they may have. We also like to send specific information for the Intended Parents to review so they have an opportunity to examine the information without pressure or in haste. Then I will schedule them for consultation with our director Juli Dean either in person or by phone/Skype and we can help them develop a plan and time line so they can soon be on their way to starting or expanding their family. I believe it is vital that I am available to our Intended Parents and Surrogates in a supportive capacity from the onset of the matching process and throughout their entire surrogacy journey”.
Diane relaxes by decorating, gardening, and antique hunting and gourmet cooking for family gatherings. She and her husband Al enjoy the outdoors and nature preserve of the Back Bay area of Newport Beach. Diane has six children and eleven grandchildren.
Marisol Garcia
Surrogate Development and Financial Coordinator
Marisol was born in EL Salvador and moved to California at age 17 after graduating from High School. She continued with her studies in the US and graduated as a Registered Dental Assistant. However, after marriage and starting a family, she began working in the Banking/Financial industry where she moved up into a supervisory position at a major bank. She became interested in Surrogacy after two of her close friends had difficulties conceiving and experienced multiple miscarriages. Marisol has always had a heart for helping people. Over the years she has volunteered for different charitable events and organizations working with the homeless.
After working in the Banking industry for over ten years, Marisol decided to follow her heart and answer a calling to become involved in the fertility/surrogacy field. Marisol began working for Coastal Surrogacy as our Surrogate Development and Financial Coordinator. Having a background in the Banking industry has been vital in Marisol's transition into her administrative role with CS as there are many intricate details and careful records management involved.
Marisol Garcia — Coastal Surrogacy in Newport Beach
On a daily basis, you can find Marisol working in a variety of business functions. She is proud to be a part of the Coastal Surrogacy team and takes pride in our excellent reputation, customer satisfaction and desire to help clients achieve success. Marisol works closely with our new surrogate applicants taking them through the very in-depth application and screening process. Marisol is often the first person through Coastal Surrogacy our new surrogates encounter. With so many facets to the surrogacy process, Marisol is amazing with each new applicant go over the process and answering any questions they might have.
It is always been my passion to help people. I enjoy this field so much because I get to share the joy and happiness with our clients as they become parents. Being a mother, I can also relate to our surrogate mothers and what inspires them, we all share a love for our families and want to help others.”
Marisol and her husband have two children, Aiden and Katherine. They enjoy spending time together as a family as much as they can.

Field Team

Lisa-Marie Hernandez
Senior Case Manager
Lisa-Marie began her entry into this field as an egg donor herself in 2000, which is when she and Juli first met. As a former egg donor and surrogate, Lisa- Marie now lends her personal experience and love for helping families to Coastal Surrogacy. She has been with us as a Surrogate Coordinator since 2006. As a Senior Case Manager, Lisa-Marie, supervises up to twenty cases annually, covering Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino and Orange County areas. Lisa-Marie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education. Lisa-Marie previously worked in Special Education in the public school system with Autistic and other special needs children. We feel Lisa Marie's combined experience and always encouraging demeanor provides our surrogates and families with many positive attributes.
Giving the gift of life to someone to someone so deserving of being a parent has been a treasured experience for me. The joy I see in the new parents' eyes when their child is born is priceless.”
Lisa Marie delivered a baby boy in 2008 for a family from New York and then helped him become a Big Brother, with baby number #2, a sister in 2010. Her third surrogate journey ended in a successful birth of a baby boy 2012 for a California family and she gave birth in 2016 for the same California family, helping to add another little brother.
Lisa Marie Hernandez — Coastal Surrogacy in Newport Beach
Lisa-Marie and her husband have two daughters. In her free time Lisa-Marie enjoys interior design, “treasure hunting” and spending time with her family and her two bull dogs.
Nicole Pulido
Case Manager
A previous Coastal Surrogacy surrogate, Nicole joined our team in 2010. After completing her second surrogacy journey, she was hooked and knew this was the field she could see herself in permanently. So she made a career change after ten years as a Marketing Director for several national automotive magazines to the surrogacy industry. Nicole now lends her talents to helping our CS surrogates and families. Nicole manages up fifteen cases per year covering the Riverside, San Diego and Orange County areas.
I have been involved in surrogacy for 7 years. I have experienced it myself as a surrogate and I have also stood next to a first time parent holding their newborn baby for the first time, as a case manager. To know that I am apart of helping a couple or individual become a parent is truly the best experience I have ever had. To be lucky to go on this emotional journey with such strong people, has taught me so much over the years. I cannot imagine doing anything else as a career.”
As a Surrogate, Nicole delivered a baby girl in 2009 for a family from California, a baby girl in 2010 for a family from Australia, a baby girl in 2011 for another family from Australia and delivered a little boy, her fourth surrogate birth in 2014 for a California family.
Nicole Pulido — Coastal Surrogacy in Newport Beach
Nicole has three daughters, Savannah, Summer and Sydnee. Nicole and her family enjoy the outdoors and sports. They are big participants in daughters Savannah and Sydnee's softball leagues as well as daughter, Summer's dance program. Nicole, who was a former gymnast herself, is also a gymnastics coach in the evenings.
Jenny Goslee
Case Manager
Jenny joined our CS team in 2014. As a former CS surrogate and egg donor, Jenny brings her own vast experiences in third party reproduction as well as her positive energy, great people and organizational skills to CS. We are thrilled to have her on our team! Jenny was already well known amongst our many surrogate mothers having been a surrogate herself three times while actively participating in our Coastal Surrogacy program and events over the last five years. Jenny is excited to now be able to share her surrogacy knowledge and support our CS families.
As a Case Manager, Jenny works with up to twenty families each year and is on-call support leader to our surrogate mothers residing in the Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange County areas as well as Las Vegas areas.
Surrogacy is a great option for couples who want to have a child but have had incredible challenges in their plight to become a parent. Speaking from my own experiences, it is such a great feeling and privilege to be able to carry such a precious package for someone. I think surrogacy is such a blessing for both the surrogate as well as the Intended Parents.”
As a Surrogate, Jenny delivered a baby boy in 2011 for a family from California, twin boys in 2012 for a family from England and a baby girl in 2013 for a family from Australia and twin boys in 2015 for a couple from Singapore.
Jenny Goslee — Coastal Surrogacy in Newport Beach
Jenny and her husband, Jon, and their two children, Haley and JJ. Jenny and her family's hobbies include spending time with family, going to Disneyland. They also actively participating in their kid's hobbies, dance competitions and Ta Kwan do.
Lauren Hodges
Case Manager (Northern California/Nevada)
Lauren joined our CS team in 2015 although she has already been a part of our CS family for several years as a previous CS surrogate. Lauren has worked in the medical field for over six years and currently works in hospital administration. When Lauren relocated from Orange County to Northern California, she was an obvious choice to become a Case Manager working both Surrogates and Intended Parents in Northern California and Northern Nevada areas, primarily Tahoe, Reno, Sacramento and Bay areas. Lauren's combined experience in the medical field, being a former surrogate herself as well as having an incredible calming, warm spirit brings a higher level of comfort to everyone she works with. We are so grateful to have her on our team!
It is an honor to have someone entrust you to carry their child in your womb. There is a shared trust between a Surrogate and an Intended Parent that is so strong. It creates a special connection that is very rare to find.”
As a Surrogate, Lauren delivered twin boys in 2013 for a family from France and a baby girl in 2015 for a family from Singapore.
Lauren Hodges — Coastal Surrogacy in Newport Beach
Lauren and her boyfriend, Michael, have one child, Tyler. Lauren and her family's hobbies include spending time with family, going hiking, kayaking, and enjoying all that Tahoe has to offer. They also actively participate in Tyler's hobbies which include baseball, swimming, and soccer.
We thank you for considering Coastal Surrogacy, LLC. for your Surrogate Parenting needs. The path of Surrogate Parenting can be complicated to navigate on your own. However, surrogacy today is continuing to gain worldwide recognition as a viable and successful option of alternative parenting. Surrogacy provides the unique ability to have a genetic relationship between the recipient parent(s) and child and the opportunity to be a proactive participant in the creation and pregnancy from the very beginning.

At Coastal Surrogacy, we provide both an unparalleled surrogate matching program as well as an extensive consulting program. Our Surrogate Matching program provides our clients with quality, pre-screened gestational carriers available at all times. We work with heterosexual couples, single parents and gay couples/individuals and International prospective parents. The gift of a child is truly a wonderful blessing and we hope that we can be a part of that journey with you.

Matching Program

Our Surrogate matching program is designed for prospective parents seeking to have total agency involvement and support. You will have unlimited access to our Surrogate Mother Database to view and even meet with surrogate candidates at no upfront cost to you.

As an all inclusive surrogate matching program, the services we provide include but are not limited to, seeking and recruiting quality Surrogate Mothers, reviewing applicants, extensive interview process, meeting with the Surrogate and her family (in-home interview), pre-screening, back ground investigation on the Surrogate and her Spouse/Partner, obtaining medical records from all physicians who have treated the Surrogate, physical exam either by the Surrogate's own OBGYN or one selected by our office, uterine evaluation, psychological screening, facilitating the legal aspects, case management (cycle and pregnancy), financial administration, on-going individualized support for both the Intended Parents and the Surrogate and special bonuses given to the Surrogate (massages, flowers, gifts/ gift cards etc.). Please go to our Intended Parent section for more detailed information about our matching program and how the process works.

Consulting Services

We provide a wide variety of consulting services from valuable advice regarding parenting through various options in fertility, including exploring choices such as adoption verses surrogacy, egg or sperm donation, or working with a known Surrogate (friend or family member) verses an agency Surrogate. We can walk you through every step of these options so that you can better determine which path is right for you. If you have found your own surrogate or are utilizing the assistance of a friend or family member as your carrier and just need agency guidance, we can help with this too.
Below are examples of the services we offer on a Consulting Basis:
  • Exploring all available parenting choices and fertility options
  • Additional Communication time prior to Surrogate Matching
  • Specialized Surrogate Search (such as a Jewish Surrogate etc.)
  • Creating a Financial Plan for Surrogate Parenting
Consulting Options if you have your own Surrogate:
  • Attendance of the Surrogate's Medical Appointments
  • Back Ground Screening/Criminal Records Search
  • Case Management
  • Coordinate Psychological/Counseling Screening and Referrals
  • Coordinate travel arrangements for the Surrogate
  • Escrow/Trust Accounts
  • Employment/Insurance Verification
  • Establishment of local area monitoring or psychological support for a Surrogate who resides out of the area
  • Home Visit/Interview of the Surrogate
  • Insurance Coverage (obtaining Health/Life/Newborn coverage)
  • Lactation Consulting/Breast Milk Pumping Services and Support (to parents and surrogates)
  • Legal Services: Assistance with coordinating and facilitating the Surrogacy Legal Contract and Judgment of Parentage process
  • Nutritional Counseling/Special Dietary Needs and Support
  • Pregnancy/Birth Coaching and Support
  • Provide on-going support to the Surrogate and Parents